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DLT Gimbal CCT Changeable

Power: 12W/25W/35W/45W
LED chip: GoldiLED
CRI: 90
CCT: 2700-5700K
Beam angle: 15, 24, 38, 60°
Lumen efficacy: 90-100 lm/W
Input voltage: AC220-240V
PF: PF>0.95
Flicker-free: <22
Dimming: TRIAC, 1-10V, DALI, RF 2.4G
Working temperature: -20ºC- 45ºC
Lifespan/Warranty: 50,000h/ 5 years
IP: IP20
Product Detail

DLT ceiling recessed gimbal downlight.png

recessed led gimbal light.png

rotatable gimbal downlight.png

TLE RF 2.4G CCT changeable dimmable cob track light.jpg

remote control dimmable CCT color changeable tracklight.png


· RF 2.4G remote control

· Flicker-free, PF>0.95

· 360° rotatable and 60° tiltable

· Flicker-free, PF>0.95

· 5 years warranty


· CRI>80 / 90 / 97

· Lens beam angle: 15°, 24°, 38°, 60°

· Remote CCT changeable 2700-5700K

· Remote brightness dimmable 5~100%

· Dimming: TRIAC, 1-10V, DALI, RF 2.4G CCT changeable

RF 2.4G Remote Control CCT Changeable + Dimmable

Model No.PowerLumenCRICCTBeam AngleAC InputDimension
LMC-DLT12W(RFC)12WMax. 1200 lm902700-5700K15/24/38/60°AC220-240V   D114*H90mm
LMC-DLT25W(RFC)25WMax. 2350 lm902700-5700K15/24/38/60°AC220-240V   D138*H120mm
LMC-DLT35W(RFC)35WMax. 3300 lm902700-5700K15/24/38/60°AC220-240V   D165*H145mm
LMC-DLT45W(RFC)45WMax. 4500 lm902700-5700K15/24/38/60°AC220-240V   D190*H155mm


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