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15/5000   Cross-border e-commerce may change the traditional import and export model

Issuing time:2019-03-19 00:00

Cross-border e-commerce carried out before the foreign end user, only through cooperation with foreign retailers or logistics providers, in the form of cross-border e-commerce carried out after the company's goods after shipping arrived in Hong Kong will be distribution to consumers' hands as soon as possible. Because it can directly face foreign terminal users, it will effectively reduce the intermediate links and save costs. Meanwhile, it can also expand the business space and provide services to more merchants. In addition, cross-border electricity business also allows the enterprise to a certain period of time many orders are incorporated as a customs declaration form, on a regular basis by the enterprise or individual to carry on the centralized declaration, this not only reduce the cost of enterprise, also is helpful for quick and easy to tax rebates and settlement of exchange.

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